Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have finished another pillow --check
Now, after having Scott arrange another set of quilt squares, I'm finishing up the applique and then to start stitching those blocks together...but it is like seeing the sign that finally has YOUR destination on it when you're on a trip....the end is in sight and the weight of the wait is lifting.
I have been waylaid on my trip by life... Lunch, buying paint brushes, answering questions on phone calls, inspecting painters, having a fan/light installed. LIFE IS GOOD. Sometimes it's just a little harder to see it. GOOD will sometimes hide behind a tree, behind a rude comment or sad friend. GOOD is fighting to get back in Deb's door, as the radiation it kicking her butt, literally. GOOD is holding my Dad's hand as he sat through his 4th Rutuxin treatment yesterday and that makes him good to go for another 6 months. GOOD is surprise Baby #4 for Brent and Annette, due now and born by next Wed, with or without help. GOOD is the friend, who sometimes is too strong willed, but who grabbed me by both arms yesterday, looked me straight in the face and said, IT DOESN"T MATTER! YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!! YOU"VE GOT TO MOVE PAST THIS.
GOOD is the graduate who although she's also doing FACEBOOK and texting, has been working on thank you notes for several sessions...and I never mentioned them once. :o) Thanks Andy!
GOOD is the sun shining in the morning and the friend and dog who look at me, expecting a walk. It is the boy who tore the rotten boards off the shed yesterday and will replace them with boards I picked last night in Andy's truck, when Bert and I took a road trip. The same boy who was supposed to paint the lower deck spot and got help from his other brother, who really didn't feel good. It was standing inside the window listening to the three boys out there together....and realizing it's going to turn out OK. GOOD is Bert realizing that watering the plants is best done without the full pressure of the hose...but the hose is SUCH a temptation. GOOD is the last Coke and some ice cream making the end of the day seem better...or just the ice cream for someone else. GOOD is good friends who took computers on their vacations this week...all 3 of them gone on the same week, and remember to send you a laugh -sometimes more than one a day...! GOOD is the aching in my arms and heart, that reminds me there is more to this life, and more to be done. It is the uncertainty of unemployment, yet trusting that GOD will help me find what I'm looking for, a job I can do well, and enjoy. I'm past the point of punching a ticket, I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to make a difference....



Be Still and KNOW... said...

oh how I love you sweet sister.... I STILL think your best job is WRITING... God has gifted you with wordsmithing... (among many other things!)
enjoy! your day ~

Sue said...

Life IS good, isn't it? Even when everything is a little crazy.


Conny said...

You can see the good in all things - that's something to treasure. Everything works out in the end. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend. :>)