Monday, June 21, 2010

This is my project from this week...

Andrea - Class of 2010
Andrea's graduation quilt on the rack and being tied. I had help from Scott on the layout...he came down and said "WOW!! That's pretty busy and he started re-arranging the blocks around and in the end, he was right...Don't you hate that?!?!? 30 of my 70 blocks are applique...more than the average bear, but hey, she's MY graduate, so I can spoil her a bit. Maybe I'll do a few close-ups....
State basketball Champions...check
TRANSFORMERS from last summer...CHECK!!
HICK TOWN from the Tulip Festival rap song she wrote... check!
A Yellow Sparkly MayDay dress that got cut off to be the graduation dress!! CHECK!!
And my personal favorite...National Honor Society...
Tricky enough that only family members and people who pay me ALOT of $$
will get one of these.!! But it was fun to do!


Sue said...

It's perfect. She will LOVE it.


Leigh said...

That is so awesome!!!! Great job! I am sure she will cherish it forever.

Be Still and KNOW... said...

Are you allowed to come back out and play yet?

What is the transformer connecttion?