Friday, May 28, 2010

Jr-Sr Prom 2010 - May 22

Jocie sent me a copy of Andrea's first prom picture a while back...Thanks Jocie! Her mom had been in an accident and I took her shopping for her prom dress.. So we got a picture...oh, look! Purple baby was there, too!! Jump ahead a few years...
Everyone get ready for pictures...a tuck here, a fluff there...places everyone... SMILE GIRLS... We'd line them up and then someone else would drive ever changing lineup!!

Robin Kibbe, Hannah Neckers, Katie Marbach, Ashley Allocco, Mallory Deuink, Sydney Bennink, Andrea Lictus, Rebecca Skinner, Kate Wiggers, Samantha Rhebergen, Jenn Rhodes, Kailyn Bentley, Emily Trisket..

Girls are so much hammier at picture time...they'll just keep on posing and posing and posing. Let's line them up in rainbow order...

OK..let's throw some boys in this mix...a little shiffling.


Deb did Andrea's hair...Just what she wanted!!

Andrea & Sydney

Andrea & Kai

Hannah and Rocky

Andy with Dan Wiggers

Andrea & Marbie

Jenn & Sydney

The Royal Court..

King- Corey Hudson Queen-Jenn Rhodes

1st runners-up Nick Heil and Andrea Lictus

Prince- Jessie Billie Princess- Autumn Richards

1st runners-up Andrew Reinwald and Rebecca Skinner

Crown Bearers - Samantha Nyweide and Hayden Heiser

A dance and then the parents can leave, right??

Andy & Dani - the cuz connection

Senior Girls all in a row..

Senior Boys who attended

Andy & Jenn

Hannah, Emily and Andrea - BFFs

Andrea & Ashley...

Andrea and King Corey


Sue said...

I love all the colors! It's so refreshing to see something besides those overtly sexy black dresses that are so popular where Iive.


Be Still and KNOW... said...

ohhh i remember Jocie's dress... and i remember purple baby... did she ever know there was a purple baby 2 because someone ate the face off #1?

oops, guess she does now?

Hen Jen said...

Beautiful! The dresses look like a rainbow, all lined up like that! I think my favorite is the one where everyone is doing something different, not yet posed.