Wednesday, March 17, 2010


so, I'm at the desk in Erie, but thinking about Albany and trying to get all the arrangements and times arranged in my head for the weekend.
We started out booking 4 rooms for us, Uncle Everett, Kathy & Barry(player's parents) and Kathy & Eric (friends), added another one for Cheryl (a friend who didn't want us to have all that fun without her), & then last night another room for our other friend( and she's the assistant coach's wife. Yeah, she heard I'd googled YARN STORE!!) It seems a party is happening!! WOOHOO!! We're hoping for a VICTORY party, but only time will tell that .
Andrea has texted Scott a request for HOOSIERS to watch on the bus on the way...I also suggested "Facing the Giants" but we have that at home...
It seems nothing at home is getting done, but hey, it will be there next week, right??
The community is planning a send off for the team bus tomorrow between 2 and 2:30. The other students will line the halls in a 'fan tunnel' on their way out and all members of the community are welcome to join in. The bus will receive a fire truck escort out of town, as they have received the escort both of the last games, back to the school. Life is A-OK in a small town. Businesses will be closed or skeleton crew and a lot of the town will be missing. Cars will be jam packed as neighbors offer to share the ride. Right now, we'll have 4 families in 2 cars on the way out and Scott will join us there later, then who knows what kinds of activities will go on. You'll recognize us..we'll be the little po-dunk school where everyone shows up wearing Maroon and Gold and the girls shock the other school and go home with a trophy...THINK POSITIVE!!
If you can't go, and you get WHUG Country out of Jamestown NY, tune in to the game. And don't call my mom during the game, 'cuz she's listening on her radio, too!!
Maybe I'll see you out there!!! oh, and Jocie, of course I'll call you with scores..hey - what are friends for!!


Sue said...

Reading about this seriously gave me goosebumps. What a fun experience. Win or lose, your girls are the richer.


Conny said...

Good luck! and have a great weekend. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! So wish I could be there!! or just feeling the atmosphere in town! Love you guys so much!!