Thursday, February 18, 2010

senior night Lady Pirates 2010

Where will they be next year....
Sydney-JCC, Jennifer-Michigan State, Stephanie-Mercyhurst-NE, Andrea-Fredonia
Kailyn-Somewhere warm, Hannah - JCC, Mallory-JCC ??

I haven't yet figured out how to post a video...that will be my challenge for today. Go ahead, poke that arrow and you should get some action....

Andy, Kai & Hannah...

Kai is our import from Ripley. They didn't have enough girls for a team...Andy says everyone deserves their senior year.

oh, yeah, and Andrea and Dani aren't wearing the same number anymore. Dani moved up to Varsity and wears 30/31 now, which was Scott & Alex's number.

She just loves her new team!!!
Sydney's dad told her to soak it all in when she was standing at the door, making her entrance into the gym. It will never be this way again...Memories for a lifetime... Who knew that Ricke could be so sentimental.


fullfreezer said...

They are all looking good.

Anonymous said...

No it is never the same as it is on Senior Night - Hope they had a great time!

Sue said...

I love that young women are active in sports to the extent that they are today. When I was young, cheerleading was about all she wrote for us.