Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cleaner sheets

WOW!! Thanks for response! I'm glad to hear that NO ONE, waits to change their sheets 3 times a year!! I think clean sheet = good dreams and I'd have them everynight, but then I probably wouldn't appreciate them as much then!! I truly didn't mean to pass judgement on anyone or their country by bringing it up. I guess it just registered with me because I feel like I should do it more often and I'm just too lazy/busy to get it done. I just had the flu, so today, I'm in my clean sheets again. Although with the 4 foot of fresh snow, I'm not sure if I can get the dirty ones out to the line after I wash them, and for me, that is the icing on the clean sheets cake. I was a bad flu person last night, but since I hadn't officially been 'sick' since lunch, I rested and slept until 6, then climbed into the shower and headed out to my daughter's last home game...oh, I know I told you last time it was the last home game, but this is TRULY the last time she plays in our gym with her school uniform. If you are high enough on the list, you get home court for the 1st playoff games and we were, so we did...and now we are off to another school on another night. Dan will be handing in his uniforms for the year, as they lost their game on Friday night. Unfortunately, West Valley's bus does not use mapquest and they were not there when we got to the school. I think they have never been there on time yet. So instead of a 7pm start, it was 7:30. I was going to just sit by myself, but my teacher friend told me she had 3 sick one day and 4 another out of her class, so she'd been exposed...Just hoping Bert and I were able to keep it to ourselves and that no one else in the house will get it. There's really no good time to get the flu. And now everything you eat, tastes like dirt or something...just not so good. and the smells are not good, so I guess I'll have milk toast for supper and eat it in the other room.


Sue said...

I really dislike having the stomach flu. Glad you are through the worst of it!


Conny said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. You're right: there is no good time to get the flu. Cheers ~