Thursday, January 14, 2010

As I was out and about....

Tuesday, when I got up and walked the dog by know, when I thought it was Monday or Wednesday and stood at the end of the driveway looking for Mary...anyway, but not having someone to talk to, I was paying more attention to the scenery....and as I rounded the corner, I happened upon this, tucked into a yard, tucked into the woods... pretty nifty, right?? I kept forgetting to go back with my camera, but today I looped around there... Look at those eyes...if she wanted your candy bar, you'd hand it over, wouldn't you??
This little guy was sitting closer to the door of the house... Mary thought it was a bear, but I don't see ears, and the bop on the top makes me think otherwise.... There was also a deer, but he'd been tampered with, so I'll have to see about taking a picture from a different angle.

And this is why we hang around Findley Lake in the winter...some people are only summer people or weekend people, but we live here all the time... because when we are not buried under 6 or 8 feet of snow, it is really beautiful.
Don't you wish you were here??
And then it was off to work. You know if you live here, chances are you'll have to do some work. As I was driving, I came across this patch in the road that looked like someone smashed some bottles ...shoot, and I ran right over it before I saw it. But, then I realized that these patches were located underneath the trees that had been wearing the beautiful ice dresses for the past several days. Now, the temperature and the air is changing enough that they are dropping the dresses straight down. After I knew what it was, I saw many more on my trip. It was a pretty coating while it lasted. Those trees would just sparkle when the sun hit them, almost blinding you. And I guess for the most part, we didn't have a lot of wind, so there was not an abundance of broken branches, just these piles of ice glass on the road now, glittering in the sunlight.
Hey look!! It's the Holiday Inn Express! They are waiting for us. Do you keep the light on for us?? Just a little over 2 months. And we're already ready. Getting those projects lined up, pictures printed, stash pawed through. Never a dull moment....
See you in March!!!


Sue said...

I LOVE that giraffe. Lots of personality!


PS. And yes, the winter is beautiful where you are.

Stacey's Treasures said...

Great snow giraffe!!! Somebody was very creative.
I love the lake in the winter as well as the summer. I can walk on water in the winter.