Thursday, December 31, 2009

The girls came over...

We had a project, so the girls came over...with bag and baggage...and overhead projector and piles. Willowe was cutting...
Cheryl was formulating...I think she is dressing one of the women of the Bible...look at all the creativity around us! How could we go wrong! Oh, of COURSE it is all picked up now. ;0)
We got Kathy down on the floor with the glue gun and the pieces parts.... and I was searching and fetching...finding just the right piece of this or that to keep everyone going...and taking a few pictures along the way... don't miss church for the next 12-14 weeks, because we are taking you on a Bible Reading Journey that you won't forget!! Bring a friend...I think I'll grab John Neckers, who will you pick for your team??
Oh, and we put together the passports for this and then we also had to roll and tie the Blessings Buddies scrolls with ribbon. Man, we were busy for 6 hours, but we had a great time! You'll just have to stop in and see for yourself!!

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