Sunday, November 29, 2009

where's the picture of you??

I just read the nicest email from a friend of mine. It seems that I mentioned the Missing Moms challenge to her a while ago, while talking about it in a group of women and she has taken me up on goes like this... once a week you, or someone else, takes a picture of you. If you are the person in your family that takes the pictures, you are not in the pictures ...Since I read about this in blogland, you were to post it to your blog... you could easily do it on facebook or just on your own computer. It has been fun to look back into my Easyshare album so far and see what I was doing that week. There used to be so few pictures of me. Now's a good time to pick it up, if you haven't already. Or maybe there is someone else in your life that you've discovered there are not any/many pictures of. As you head into the holiday season, grab your camera and now, with digital, snap doesn't cost anything to take 20 pictures to get one that you like. My camera is pretty big and clunky, but I carry it with me quite a bit. I'm snapping pictures all the time. The more I snap, the more they ignore me and the better they are. It is prime picture time now. Lots of family and friends getting together...take your camera to Girls Night Out, to the ballgame, to the tupperware party... capture life where it is right now. Last week, my picture had my big hair, this week, I've asked Cindy Lou Who for a new do.. you think anyone will notice??

Where were YOU on Black Friday?? Thanks for sharing, Cindy Willink!! Our party of 2 usually meet up with them, but we didn't see them. They probably got in a different line and were in and out while we waited.. :o)

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