Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day & PIES!

Today is Election Day...and it is Pie Day for me. Last week someone from the Library called me to ask if I would bring 2 pies for their dinner today. Joanne doesn't know me well, or she might have reconsidered this request. You see, I got out of the habit of baking pies, back before kids, when I was spending a fair amount of time at the fitness club and just generally not home much. If pie is in the house, it calls my name...loudly. I'm more of a cookie mom now...but I just told someone a week or more ago that I thought I should try my hand at pies again, as I do OK with Bread and Cookies....and then the call came...and I sweated it a bit and I pondered it, and I discarded some of the options...then I went to SS class and we talked some more about the rocks in our wagons and how we know which are keepers and which tasks we should just take back out of the wagon and set by the side of the road for someone else...they may be looking for just that type of rock ... but the popular vote was that I brought the question on myself by thinking I wanted to bake pies... But I didn't have to do them to PERFECTION. I could get a little help. So on my way to the Dr's office with Dan, I stopped in for a couple of graham crackers crusts and yeah, I even did the refrigerator crust ... and then we went to the Dr, the Hospital for the Blood test, the Rx for the drugs and then home. In the evening I decided I'd better bite the bullet. I got out the refrig crust and then put them in the pie plates...hey, they look pretty good.... and I mixed up the pumpkin for 2 pie fillings, and started to pour them in the crusts...then thought it didn't look quite right, so I dumped it back, re-read the directions, added the SUGAR! ( yeah, I'm sure no one would have noticed THAT one!) and beat it up a bit and then dumped it in, foiled the edges and popped them in the oven...then I called my good cook friend Kathy for her Peanut Butter pie recipe and got the stuff around for those, beat it up and put it in the 2 graham cracker crusts. Everything looked pretty good and now I'll be ready to experiment a bit on my own crust. It's not that I CAN"T do it, but while I'm practicing, I'd just as soon my family were the taste testers and not the general public. Look out for pies...coming soon to a blog near you. I did take a couple of pictures, but I didn't download them, so I'll have to do that and add them in..you know... a little later.....like the sugar!!

PS. They confirmed little Dan for mono...when your mom tells you that you need some rest, don't roll your eyes at her... just go to sleep. You'll be glad you did later... Right now he sounds like he trying to talk around golf balls in his throat...and I looked in there...he is....


Sue said...

Two of my four kids had mono at one time or another. Not much fun. Hard to keep 'em down while they're recovering, too.

As for the pies, good for you! And I'm glad you remembered the sugar in time...


June said...

You know I actually showed up to a family Thanksgiving once with an accidentally sugarless pumpkin pie. Everybody sat there and ate it, and oohed and aahed over it, as if it were sweet as...pie. Which it wasn't!

Glad you caught your glitch in time!

Get well wishes to little Dan!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen Sue, do I have a pie crust for YOU, lady! A coworker's grandma handed it over to him and he brought in pies one day so I asked for the recipe. You see, my grandma's recipe was always very flaky and lovely, but it was such a pain in the butt to make it pretty. This recipe is a cinch to make, a dream to handle and it's every bit as flaky as my grandma's!! Apparently it wasn't that I was lacking skills, gran's pie crust was just not forgiving enough.
So, without further ado:
Tyler's Gran's Perfect Pie Crust
4 cups flour
1 3/4 c Crisco or lard (you can sub some butter in here if you want)
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1/2 cup water
1 TBS vinegar

Cut the shortening into the flour/salt until crumbly and the crumbs are the size of peas
Stir in the egg, water and vinegar until thoroughly combined
Form into a ball, wrap tightly and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

This stuff doesn't fall apart when you handle it and it isn't at all finicky about ice cold water to make the pastry flaky - it's flaky ANY way you do it!