Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday =mother/daughter bonding

Well, we couldn't decide what we wanted most but thought that 3:30 was early enough to get up...and then it was Kohl's for our first store...that was a success. Target was next, but they were out of 2 of the things I most wanted and the lines were totally unorganized and slow...somewhere around 2 hours in line...then to McDonald's for a quick drive-thru. next stop Joanne fabrics and hop to Old Navy and Borders and we'd had enough fun for one day and we went home. We were home around 11 and then we both laid down to watch a movie. I even put my flannels back on first... It was The Proposal, which I'd already seen but I only made it through the previews...once the movie started I was sawing logs and when I woke up, it was over and Andrea was snoozing, too, because it was stuck on the screen where you push play...Don't think I'll do anything else productive for today.maybe a bit of hand-sewing some binding or a bit of tying or cutting out something I got some stuff to do today!! Maybe I'll do something after all!!


Hen Jen said...

you are very brave! I cannot get the nerve to do this, a big part of it is because I'm not a morning person, too. I don't like crowded stores, I avoid shopping on this day!

The Mom said...

I can't do the mob scene. I ended up getting a new canner for my Mom on Amazon. Cyber Monday is more my speed.

Sue said...

It's almost inconceivable to me, but I did Black Friday, too, because my kids were here and wanted to.

It was CRAZY.

And yet, fun.