Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spirit Week - Who's Your Hero??

Do you recognize my daughter's hero?? His mustache is still in her pocket.. Yep that the famous science geek, ALBERT EINSTEIN. You too can get this look with gelled hair that is blowdried, then teased, then hairsprayed and babypowder applied and quickly hairsprayed again, and then do a coat on the back... She borrowed a lab coat from her Chemistry/Physics teacher. I really hoped I wasn't around when she had to undo the do!! And she had it mostly combed out when she got home after volleyball and play practice last night...4 shampoes and she was ready for Maroon & Gold day.


Sue said...

She makes a pretty cool Einstein!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it. My son would too. He loves Einstein.

The year Steve the Croc Hunter died my son dressed as him. He loved that guy.

Great pic ;)

...^^v... said...

thanks for the advice on the shack...i think i'll need that since first impressions do last. and a few pages not interesting enough is a no-no for me...

btw, your daughter looks like miley cyrus here - except the hair, of course!