Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday Nite LIVE

Dan had a good game...a win and no injuries!! And see how pretty the trees are in the background. It was a bit chilly, but really a beautiful day....

Then he met up with a lovely date for homecoming...
Andrea poses with the Senior girls at the game...
Hannah, Emily, Mallory, Sydney, Sam, Ashley, Jen & Andy Sue!!

Andy & Emmi practice looking bee-oo-tiful!
Good thing they practiced, because I think they finally got it right!!

Grace is hanging with the big girls & wishing she could go, too.
They really do clean up pretty good!!

Notice how the brother sticks out his tongue to show his 'tude. Maybe he should just stay home!

Andrea was her senior class rep and her friend, Hannah, was the Homecoming Queen.
Think they got any sleep this weekend??? NOT!!!

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Hen Jen said...

oh wow, looks like so much fun! I really love the top photo, the football team with the trees behind, the color is just great!

happy fall!

Anonymous said...

Really cool. All the pics are great. Your kids are great looking. I especially like the pic of your son and his date. They are adorable!

Sue said...

What fun it all is...football, homecoming...love it!