Monday, March 23, 2009

Watch out for the WILD CHICKS!!

Are these the cutest, or what!?!? I had the idea and my artist friend Lisa did the design. We decided 6 times ago to try the T-shirt thing. I now have 6 awesome Tshirts that remind me of my friends and the good times we have together. As you can see from the eggs on the bottom, this was our 12th Scrap & Sew weekend. Willowe & I had perfect attendance. No award for that, just bragging rights.
So, Saturday night, we all get together and pose. We make the night manager come out and use all of our cameras... She is a good sport. Don't you love the Chicken Little hat?? They MADE me wear it...well, I had already made several of them wear it and pose, so I guess it was payback. Some had already left when we took this picture. We don't look nearly as tan as we did in our fall pictures....
yes, Renee was one of the um-huuum victims... I am a little unsure of the spelling of agreement.

Lovely pose...(notice her shirt from last Spring's S&S!) we have the most fun!! 15 or so of us off and on for the weekend. There is often conflict and competition for our time, but we perservere to get together and restore out sanity until the next S&S weekend rolls around. :o)
Don't ask how much I got done... that's not why I go!!

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Lisa Loo said...

thats like me--if and when I go--I never seem to get much scrapping done! Looks like sooo much fun! That hat is a treasure for sure!