Thursday, March 12, 2009

It not just for the garage, anymore!!!

FIRST- I just want you to look to the left here... i got this little quote from a friend.. who got it from her mom...
Be the kind of woman that when your feet
hit the floor each morning the devil says
"Oh Crap, She's up!"
and then I'll tell you about some more of her email...yes, I'm going to embarrass my mom. The email said she smiled all afternoon, whenever she remembered driving past my mom's house and Mom was out shop vac-ing the yard. Even BEFORE she was retired, my mom would do this. See, they have all this nice gravel in the driveway and all winter my dad snow-blows it into the yard, then my mom would get the rake out every spring and rake and rake and rake and rake until she got it from out in the yard, back to the driveway. She'd rake and those stones would just jump all over...One day she hit upon the idea of getting the shop vac out. You have to do this early, before the grass starts to grow, 'cuz then it grabs the gravel and it doesn't work. Then she takes it over and empties the stones back into the driveway, slick as anything. My friend missed the part where she takes the vac into the backyard and sucks up the birdfeeder scatterings and dumps them in the field behind her house, before they all start to sprout in her flower garden...

If you don't know my mom, I have to tell you that cleaning is one of her hobbies... :O)
We LOVE that about her, but haven't really inherited enough of it here at this house!!

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Lisa Loo said...

oh my goodness--she would NOT like to live next door to me! I have a friend like that---it wears me out just thinking about it!