Friday, February 13, 2009

Oops..where is the picture??

Last night, Dan repeated Andrea's good night by also beating Maple Grove. It was a tough game, but they played very well. I didn't stay for the varsity game...I wanted to clipper Bert's hair and get him some cartoon time, which he has been missing...just some wind down Andrea would bring him home. When I stood up, I bumped something with my foot and realizied I had my camera and I hadn't taken a single picture - I was too busy watching the game. I maintain that I can't click and watch at the same time...At home, Dan asked if I took a lot of pictures, nope, sorry, not a one. I'll try harder next time!! Tonight it is road-trip to Forestville for Andrea...tough week- 5 nights/5 games...need the fairies to stop in tonight and catch up my chores!!

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