Thursday, February 26, 2009

Andrea's Victory over Jigsaw ... and then she packed it all back in the box already... guess after a month or so, she was tired of looking at that one, and she has a new one in the box ready to break she did and now a new nightmare begins... the edge of the new one looks like lace, irregular and holey... it comes with an instruction sheet... I saw her eyeing Dan's new go, chickie!! You picked it, you practice perserverance!! AND.. there is more reading going on in our house... and Dan is trying to pass the test for baseball and Andrea is practicing for playoffs in basketball and the prom has moved to a topic of discussion and when will there be free time to go dress shopping??? Should have gone last week...maybe we'll use some time after the dentist one day... as long as we are alread there... I think I need a nap just looking back over this list, but there's dishes and washing and dusting and processing returns and people are always hungry here... :o) It's nice to be needed!!

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