Thursday, February 19, 2009

267 inches..and a bit about me...

that's right...we have had that much snow in Findley Lake this winter and I feel it unfair to kept getting more and depriving others of the snow that they should be getting. However, today, it is snowing again...

I have been tagged several times on FACEBOOK for random things about me, and I really don't go over there much, so I guess if you want to know random things, Annette & Laurie, you'll have to come here.!!
1) I believe chocolate is the MOST important food group. I hide it all over...

2) I like to clean - but in the daylight (morning).... My family just thinks I don't like to.
3) I have been to Russia ...and I cried because I was homesick..

4) Chapstick is my friend. I should have stock in it. It is time for summer...I feel like a lizard. Pass the lotion and who took my CHAPSTICK?!?!?

5) I am quite crafty, but I start alot of things and don't have (take) the time to finish them. But at Christmas, I did make several items and I was NOT finishing anything on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...
6) I walked 60 miles in 3 days last summer and made over $4000 doing it!!

7) I stayed up VERY late the other night to work on this...

I finished it in the morning, but you may notice a little side note written on the box...yes, all complete except the missing corner piece... not to be found and done in a very controlled area. Can't sweat it... at least it wasn't a place that I kept trying to put pieces in. And then last night I took it back apart, putting all the separate pieces into the box, marking the top for future reference...ready to pass on to Daniel, who was quite depressed that I had already completed it, so that he can do it next... Or for my mom, who is running out, or perhaps Mrs Caflisch, who has one going in her classroom... in any case, it was a fun puzzle and not too difficult, but addicting, just the same.

8) I LOVE the music I grew up with...EAGLES being the top and I have seen them in concert in Columbus OH, Buffalo NY, Washington DC, and Nashville TN ....and I'll see them next month in CLEVELAND!!
9) I do the MOM job pretty good.... I must, because my kids think I am one of the meanest Mom's in the world!!

10) I prefer hub doesn't, but he buys it for me anyway...I will NEVER fall out of bed in the winter...I am like my own flannelgraph story!!

11) I miss having a cat, but I can't bring myself to 'litter box' again, and we are gone so much, that would be necessary...I think it would be a great dog toy!! Maybe later..

12) Twice a year a group of girls escapes together to a HI Express for a Scrap & Sew weekend and I would not miss it... I get less done every time, but more talking and visiting. I DO have my priorities straight!!

13) I was the prom queen!! That one was a surprise!!

14) I read all about alpacas last year and got real into the whole thing, but I still haven't gotten to visit one and give it a fluffy hug. I don't want to have some... (you can't have just one, kind of like LAY'S potato chips), just get to know a couple.

15) I just finished Bridget Jones's Diary...another notch on my reading list for the year and the BIG READ reading list...WOOHOO!!

guess I should save some up for a later time... it's good to keep people in suspense.


Kristen said...

Very interesting...always good to learn more about you before the swap!

Sorry about the snow 267 is a lot!
Does it help keep the deer away?

Lisa Loo said...

Me too!! I LOVE flannel and puzzles and chocolate!! 60 miles??!! You ARE the WOMAN!! Alpacas lose something when you see them in person--trust me. Thanx for sharing!

Jenny in Ca said...

good list! I hide my chocolate too! I figure why share my sort of expensive bittersweet ghiradeli chips when my kids are happy with m & m's?

I want to go to Russia someday.

I love flannel too!