Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday windin' down... Jigsaw style

This is the scene at our house this weekend. Everyone here is too busy, but winter snows give way to jigsaw puzzling. For Christmas, I wanted to get my mom a puzzle, but Scott found a box with 10 puzzles in one box and the kids started one 2 weeks ago after Sunday lunch. Mom has completed 5 puzzles so far and Andrea dumped #6 on the card table today after lunch. I had to pick up some stuff at Target yesterday in my errand running and Andrea had asked for a puzzle, since the only ones she found here, she had already done. So I found her one, but when Dan, my shopping side kick saw it, he asked for one of his own. Andrea cracked hers out almost as soon as we got home yesterday, but Dan waited for today. Today I discovered that the ones I got are not interlocking, like mom's. Next time, I'll look... just makes parts more challenging. Now 2 tables in out house have puzzles going... as if it wasn't hard enough to get anything done before, now the voices of 2 puzzles will be calling. Good thing I'm riding with Quentin tomorrow and won't get a start on them, or I'd be at it all day. My mom is enjoying her retirement, I believe!! Anyone else out there like to jigsaw??

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