Saturday, November 29, 2008

Resting up for Black Friday!!

Lounging Turkeys... I was occupied with the kitchen stuff and Andrea was not very enthusiastic, so there were not too many Thanksgiving Day pictures. Haley & Dan are hanging out here...just waiting....

SOOOOO....Friday a.m. saw Andrea and I pulling out of the driveway before 5:15 and on our way. I was in the Jo-ann Fabrics parking lot without really much traffic problems at all. This is where I traditionally start. I have never been treated badly by the joane shoppers!! I waited in line for manybe 15-20 minutes. Andy grabbed a cart and I headed to the section I wanted. We had only a half dozen cuts... I think I was the 2nd one to cut, picked up another gift and headed to the checkout, where there was NO LINE!! I have selected and waited and cut and waited and checked out and waited other years for a LONG TIME!! It helped that we were only into one section of fabric.... select and run... then we stopped into KMart...didn't get trampled there, either. Checked out our 3-4 items and then on to Target where the lines were nuts and the few top things were already gone that we were interested in, so we decided to wait and headed over to Old Navy where we bagged a few items. It was only 7:45 and Borders wasn't open until 8 and no deals there we couldn't live without, anyway, so we drove across to McD's for a B E &C biscuit and then the back way back to Target, where we puttered around and found several other things we had written down and then over to Walmart, where things had settled down quite a bit, into Kohl's and picked up a few items.... those lines were still pretty slow. Met a friend there that sent us over to the Erie Sports store for the last 1/2 hour of their downbuster and we found a couple of winners there,too. Home by lunchtime and couch lounging and some sleep, I think, purely by accident!!
Now I am hanging out doing my favorite pre-Christmas activity - watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. I love Christmas movies...the cornier, the better!!

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