Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We stopped buying the school pictures years ago.... With our dysfunctional family, it was costing a small fortune and we never had what we needed... so we took our own... printed what we wanted...hung them on the wall... and handed them out... no problem... except Andrea decided yesterday was the day...good idea... but Bert said Andrea kept yelling at him when she was taking his picture.... I Wonder WHY!!?!?!?
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Lisa Loo said...

I hear you on the expense of school pics and then like you said--they never turn out or you have too many or not enough. I like the silly faces--years down the road they will be so much more fun to have than plain old pretty posed ones!

dar-momof5 said...

Yep, I hear you both on the cost. We do get school pictures, but just a small package. I usually take the kids' individual pictures when we do family Christmas pics, which we're doing at the end of this month. It seems to work out better doing it like that. If only I had not killed my camera!!! I will get a new one someday- luckily my b-day is soon! What lovely kids you have anyways!! :)