Sunday, October 19, 2008

new space for SB, means new space for me!!

This was from Tuesday, I believe, before we started some assembly required... the NEW office is clean and empty... not so now!!
And I have applied a couple of different colors of paint to the room that don't really match the carpet that well, but I can live with it, because the carpet will be there for a while and I didn't WANT blue walls... just pretending it is a natural thing... with one wall FALL LEAF - picture deep red/orange, and the other walls a Tuscan color... 2 gallons mixed on Saturday afternoon and applied Sat. evening, picked from the shelf side by side and color applied and shook,shook, shook.... the FL color poured out thick like pancake batter... the other, just like paint. I still have a streaking after 2 coats of FL, but I have to decide if I can live with it, or if it really matters. And then I cleaned the carpet and now I have to decide how much STUFF goes into this new space of mine to hold what I want to hold, but not be TOO MUCH STUFF and assume the cluttered look I am looking to get rid of. Hmmm... and how do I get the desk out that is buried behind the things I don't really want and if I want that corner table thing, should it go next or wait?? and Grandma's dresser should not be left behind for kids to mess up the finish, but is the top a usable surface?? and what about those tables and that credenza and the hutch on the top of my desk?? and do I really want Grandma Bensink's round table in there, or does the roundness take up more space .....

Yes, this is fall leaf... you think he noticed the difference?~?~?

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